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July 01, 2007
Bandai's New V-Pet Franchise: Duel Pod

Starting this September, Bandai of Japan will begin releasing merchandise for it's new fighting virtual pet series, "Duel Pod", with the release of "Duel Pod - Prominence Fire ver.", set to contain over 150 individual monsters. Also scheduled for release are packs of tags, tentatively titled "D's Tag Part 1", which can be used to obtain special monsters and spells.



In the same vein as Digimon or Onmyou, Duel Pod revolves around raising monsters, called "Prisma", and using them to battle, but with some interesting new twists: A built-in color sensor allows you to obtain new monsters by scanning various colors, and the Duel Pod can be inserted into a special USB dock, allowing you to compete over the web via the official website.

More information can be found on the official Duel Pod website, and translations of the website's world section site can be found in the full article.

Official Duel Pod Website

Strange World Ri-Taasu

The strange world, "Ri-Taasu". It is a world where "color" is power, and everything is controlled by it. The world is comprised of five "floating continents", centered around a huge "tower" that penetrates heaven, supported by the technology that embodies the strength of "color".

It exists alongside the world we live in and depends upon it, though it is governed by different laws. It cannot be touched, and it is impossible to go there. But we have known that it's there since ancient times. We know this because records of a utopia, or a paradise, have been left behind.

Dream Color (Color):
It is said that the colors that appear to us as being of "the Earth" are in fact "Dream Colors (Color)". Within those the power of magic resides, and in this circulation dwells the world of "Ri-Taasu". The "Colors" influence everything in "Rii-Taasu". For instance, a beast that harbors the power of a "Color" completely becomes a new creature, a "Colored Monster (Prisma)", spewing flame.

Colored Monster (Prisma):
The primeval life forms of "Rii-Taasu", the "Prisma", are given action by the "Colors". They are different from animals of the Earth; some spew flame, others can shoot electricity. When the "Colors" stagnate, the "Prisma" loses color and fossilizes. To return them to their original state, you must discover them with the "Duel Pod" and give them "Color".

Color Gladiator (Colordiator):
A "Color Gladiator (Colordiator)" is one who uses "Prismas" and uses "Colored Monster Skills" to fight other people in duels. It's rumored that those who continue dueling and gaining power, the true "Colordiators", can become "Master Colordiator".

Translation Notes:
- Rii-Taasu is just romaji, there are too many possibilities for romanization. Anything from Re-Tars to Lee-Tarth, and any number of variations.
- The "Dream Color" seems to imply that the colors we see are an illusion of some sort, and within them exists Ri-Taasu.
- The Prisma, are called Masaijuu in Japanese, a combination of "Majuu" (a term meaning spirit or demonic beast, usually translated as "Monster") and "Sai" ("Colored"), and could also be translated as "Spirit Colored Beast". Colored Monster Skill is actually "Masai Jutsu", literally meaning "Spirit Colored Skill", but the "Masai" likely refers back to the Prisma.

-- Suzaku

Source: Original Japanese Website (Official Duel Pod Website)

Tags: Feature, V-Pet, Duel Pod, Prisma, Colordiator

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