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July 02, 2007
Card Flavor Text Translations

I translated some of the flavor text (yes they have returned) from the cards of Evolve 6.

Coredramon Dα-434
"Coredramon - Dragon Type: Having 100% Dragon DNA data without doubt he is Pure Blooded."

Dracomon Dα-427
"Ancient Pure Blooded Dragon type Digimon that is known as the 'ancestor' of all Dramon types."

King Chessmon Dα-454
"King Digimon who maneuvers secretly in order to build the great Chessmon empire"

Queen Chessmon Dα-455
"The Chessmon series' strongest Digimon with ultra range, and power."

Lucemon Dα-433
"Angel Digimon that took the form of a Child, and descended into the Ancient Digital World."

Victory Greymon Spα-010
"It bounces back any enemy attack with its unique super skill Victory Charge!"

Demon Dα-458 
"Devil type Digimon who commands many Demon Lord types and Fallen Angel Digimon."

Leviamon Dα-462
"Everything is destroyed by its huge jaw 'Rostrum,' swallowing even the Digital World."

-- Sakuyamon X

Tags: Feature, Digimon, Cards

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