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June 30, 2007
With the Will News is here!


Plenty of time spent working on it by lost, and plenty of effort on planning has finally been finished (mostly, still a few things to do).

We bring you With the Will News.


Up to the date Digimon news. Along with stuff Digimon fans might find interesting. Columns such as 'Digimon of the Month' from SakuyamonX, Feature Articles such as Suzaku explaining a show that might very well be the next 'Digimon' in his opinion, some news will be ours and exclusive, some will be from elsewhere (and unlike some sites we will do our best to make sure everyone gets credited properly, as will the person who sent us the news).

There are 2 different themes. The slick and classy 'Newsroom', and the more informal and casual 'Bloggy'. There are RSS feeds that can go into your web browser, or your newsreader so you get the news automatically, and we have 2 feeds, Everything, and Digimon only (for those of you who just don't care about non-Digimon stuff.) For those sites out there that want to do have the most up to date Digimon news on their frontpage, we can help them set that up so it automatically snatches it from our RSS (already got one major Digimon site that will be replacing their Digimon news with ours, and we will be listing all the sites that want to be listed that use ours on our integration page).

If you click Discuss it will take you to the forum where you can comment on the news, feature, or column, even if you aren't a member of the WtW Forum (although we may only allow guests later on depending on how that works out).

The 'NewsBot' cross posts the news to the forum, to find out who actually wrote the article or news look at the end and you'll see the writers name quite clearly.

And if you got a tip, make sure to send it in, via E-Mail or AIM.

Image Links show up as text inside a grey box at WtW News, and past text saying image on the forum, this will eventually show a thumbnail of the picture, but we wanted to wait on that to make sure it worked right.

Also, if you guys notice any glitches, contact me or lost so we can fix it.

We hope you guys enjoy it, and from the entire team (which you can contact by looking under Contact the team to the left), we are gonna try our hardest to do it right.

PS- RSS feeds for people who have trouble finding them, http://www.wtwnews.net/rss/ for everything, and http://www.wtwnews.net/rss/digimon for Digimon only.

-- godofchaos

Tags: Feature, Announcement, Digimon

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