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July 31, 2007
More Game Updates(Dawn, Dusk, and Data Squad), info, screencaps and video

Got some new stuff from Namco/Bandai , some screenshots (Dawn, Dusk, and Data Squad), a video (Data Squad, actually had more than 1, but due to bandwidth concerns I found the one that was the most interesting).

Dawn/Dusk screencaps are in game resolution jpg compressed.

Data Squad screencaps were originally twice in game resolution so I downconverted them to the accurate in game resolution that you would see on your TV.

Oh, also...it appears they are calling Demon/Daemon "Creepymon" again. (In early materials they had him labeled as 'Deimon', which I think is much better.


Data Squad

Data Squad Video

Right Click, choose Save As.

Yoshi(no) Digi-Soul Charge

When/if the bandwidth goes out of control I may remove the video without prior notice...

Enjoy the new stuff. Games look interesting.

And check the thread in the Digimon Games section to toss your questions in about what I may or may not ask Namco/Bandai's Digimon Team next week, feel free and suggest whatever you want.

-- godofchaos

Tags: Exclusive News, Digimon, Savers, Data Squad, Video Game, Dawn, Dusk, DS, preview, PS2

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