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July 17, 2011
Xros Wars Pilot Dub Info

I had hoped to wait for confirmation from some more people, but as information has seemingly begun to leak it seemed prudent to go ahead and make a post.

I should also mention, if it's only mentioned on IMDB or Wikipedia it won't be mentioned in this article.

William Winckler Prouductions appears to have produced a dub for Xros Wars under contract for Toei.

Caleb Pearson has 'Digimon Untitled Series' on his credits as the lead actor for Disney XD/Bandai. Caleb was previously affiliated with WWP for other anime dubs.

Sean Hankinson has also added a credit for 'Digimon Xcross Wars' to his resume with the character name of 'Kenny', with WWP listed as the production company.

Marieve Herington also has added a credit for 'Digimon Fusion Battles' as a lead character named 'Dorothy' with the company credit listed as Toei and WWP. She was also cast in prior WWP anime dubs.

Bryan Forrest also lists 'Digimon Fushion Battles' and an untitled lead for WWP.

Now, for the twist to this all...

Outside of their classic Tekkaman: The Space Knight dub decades ago, none of WWP's anime dubs have ever been released commercially, despite all being official dubs funded by Toei.

The dubs they did a few years ago for Toei were shows compressed down to a series of films, which apparently were never intended for commercial release, but rather cheaply made English dubs to send to potential production companies for promotional use (having a highly compressed but English language copy to send to potential companies being a good idea as far as trying to sell the series go, especially if Toei doesn't intend to do this one themselves, as they did with Savers/Data Squad.)

So short version- There is a Xros Wars dub floating out there that is likely highly edited (and potentially compressed into a series of films.) It seems very unlikely that we will ever SEE this dub though. So try and keep calm.

More information to be added as it is available (a prior press contact at WWP has already been contacted, I was hoping to wait to do this article until I had a statement, but information began to spill out, and I felt a central place for information would be a good idea.)

Edit 1- Someone PMed me claiming a thread on Baidu has the English logo. I had noticed this before and dismissed it. It has the name of a deviantart artist on the picture who makes fanmade logos (a few of which have been Digimon related.) The artist also has had it up on his account for around a month and makes no claim that it is official. It will not be added to the article.

Edit 2- Since some people may have never seen any sort of marketing dub before, I thought linking to an example might help. I don't know of any compilation or full episodes that are up anywhere, but Toei Europe has a selection of shorter trailers. Here's one for the 1997 version of Dr. Slump- Trailer Link

I'm not saying that the WWP dub for Xros Wars IS for marketing purposes mind you, but it seems likely.

Edit 3- Confirmation from a manager at WWP. The dubs were pilots meant for demographic test audiences. Multiple pilot dubs were done for Xros. The show apparently tested very positively. Winckler also met with Xros Wars producer Hiroyuki Sakurada during the production of the pilot dubs, no idea what involvement if any he had in the pilot dub though. Three pilot dubs were also done for 'Pretty Cure 5'.

I've also received confirmation that the past dubbed compilation films have indeed been released, just in an unexpected place. They've aired on Toei's Broadband Channel, marketed to English speaking fans in Japan. So those dubs have been released, just not in normal English speaking markets.

It was also mentioned that Toei USA was not involved with any of these productions, all of them were from Toei Japan, with Kozo Morishita (Vice President of Toei Animation Japan) supervising and guiding the production.

So that appears to be the end of the story. Pilots that likely will never be released. Perhaps as an extra on a DVD someday (As I recall the Voltron DVDs had three different pilots for the first episode.)

Thanks to William Winckler Productions for clarification.

Article name was changed to reflect this new information.

-- godofchaos


Tags: Exclusive News, Digimon, Xros Wars, Dub

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