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January 26, 2011
Xros Teasers and Discussion Thread

About time to start a new discussion thread since the last is getting a bit long.

So before the new thread starts, think it might be time for some teasers...

3 'dead' villains will be back. Each appeared for more than a single episode. The maddest of these villains (is he the maddest though... now that I think of it... the 'third' of these was quite angry...) most of us thought would appear throughout most of the series.

Quite a few armor related and Frontier related Digimon will be showing up soon.

One of the Bagura generals is not included in upcoming model sheets. It isn't the one that most of us expected would be killed first. If anything it's likely the general most people expected to stay around the longest. Although vanishing from model sheets doesn't necessarily mean the general is dead... unless it does... (does it?)

The next zone will have many... swords.

If I get added teasers or anything more detailed I can sneak in I'll add it in the thread. (I've added more since this was posted...)

You also gotta ask yourself... did I pick words specifically to bait guessing knowing how some people would react to 'clues'?

-- godofchaos

Tags: Exclusive News, Digimon, Xros Wars, News, Teasers

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