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July 27, 2008
Yo Joe- Duke VA for the new GI Joe cartoon!, plus movie game info?

Looking forward to the new edgy GI Joe online/DVD toon (G.I. Joe: Resolute)?

Steve Blum is in it and he is DUKE!

and he is quite a few other people in it apparently

Wild Bill


edit- someone PMed me anonymously to say that HissTank.com (the GI Joe counterpart to TFW2005, previously reported that Grey DeLisle is Scarlet (at least in the pilot, maybe Blum is just cast in the pilot?) and that Neil Kaplan MAY be Cobra Commander and Destro in the (mini/micro)series also.

also might have news on the GI Joe movie game, or it might be info from some random canceled GI Joe game, not 100% sure

Michael Dobson as Cobra Commander

Game is from Radical Entertainment, who made
The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction
The Simpsons Hit & Run
Prototype (upcoming)

edit- not quite as familiar with GI Joe stuff as I am with most of the stuff I generally post about (watched it as a kid, and have the DVDs, but never really kept up with stuff online), and searched to look for info, didn't find it though. If I've posted wrong info in regards to the game, let me know, or if I miscredited a site you are affiliated with that reported the news.

-- godofchaos

Tags: Exclusive News, GI Joe

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