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July 07, 2008
Digimon Music Updates Again! Coverart, 'Special Track' Title, and more


From "Digimon Savers", which ended its run in March 2007, and in addition to BGM seeing a first-time CD release, this special compilation will have previously released character songs plus a bonus track appearing.
Aragaki Yui, Maeda Ken, Haniwa and other talents participated in providing the subject of the 5th Digimon series.
The sale date is on August 1st, familiar with 'Digimon Memorial Day'.
We hope that you want to see this new Digimon activity!

The 'special new' track on the 2nd disk is...

Hirari Unplugged by Wada Kouji

Which now means we have acoustic/smooth versions of all the Wada Kouji Digimon OPs.

Next up

Ever- Wada Kouji's first Album (mini-album...but neh)

A greatly anticipated release serves after a year and a half from his previous work "The Best Selection~Welcome Back!"

They seem really excited because apparently Wada Kouji wrote ALL the lyrics to the songs on this.

And we have titles for the 5 tracks

01. bravery
02. Sketch
03. Hanabijakku (Unsure what exactly this means, as it's in katakana)
04. Kamihikouki (Paper Airplane)
05. Kimi to Kisetsu to Hidamari to (They Are You, The Seasons and Sunlight)(NOTE: this may not be a correct translation)

And for the rerelease

Digimon Opening Super Best

Carrying out a pricedown of "Digimon Opening Spirit", originally released on August 7th, 2003, is re-released!
Originally a limited release at the time of sale, this difficult to obtain rearranged music is now brought back!

(it appears this will be in a normal cd case, opposed to the original which was in a DVD case).

Woot, they all look nice

(Thanks to Digistar for the translation)

-- godofchaos

Tags: Exclusive News, Digimon, Adventure, Adventure 02, Tamers, Savers, Wada Kouji, CD, Music

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