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July 19, 2007
Digimon 10th Anniversary- CD Info [NECA-30195] (Finally...)

Finally some iron clad info on the new Digimon CD that has been known by the names Digimon Memorial, Digimon Compilation, among others.

Digimon 10th Anniversary

(Sorry the 'large' image is so small, will be replaced with a bigger one once I've tracked one down, and expect high-res scans when I get it.)

If you look in close, the Agumon on Masaru's head is Taichi's Agumon.

And deliciously, it looks like we have this info before the Japanese CD shops also.

And oh boy was the tracklist a suprise...

Digimon 10th Anniversary Tracklist

01- Eikyuu ni Tsuzuke! (Continue Toward Eternity!)
Yagami Taichi (Fujita Yoshiko)

02- Ashita (Tomorrow)
Motomiya Daisuke (Kiuchi Reiko)

03- Kiseki no Takaramono (Treasure of Miracles)
Matsuda Takato (Tsumura Makoto)

04- Secret Rendezvous
Kanbara Takuya (Takeuchi Junko)

05- Yume no Kakera (Fragments of a Dream)
Daimon Masaru (Hoshi Souichirou)

06- Try Again!

07- Omoide no Mukou (Across the Memories)
Miyazaki Ayumi

08- Chiisana Kakera (Small Fragments)

09- Hokori ~Kagirinaki Chikara no Shoumei~ (Pride ~The Proof of Endless Power~)
Wada Kouji

(updated tracklist translation to add english translations)

Yes, it's ALL new songs. Every last one of them.

This is gonna be a happily delightful disk to listen to.

Item Code- NECA-30195
Release Date- August 1st, 2007
List Price- 3,000 Yen

Looks fantastic to me, whats everyone else think?

-- godofchaos

Tags: Exclusive News, Digimon, Tamers, Savers, Frontier, Adventure, Adventure 02, CD

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