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March 01, 2008
Digimon Dub Boxsets on DVD

Yes, completely serious.



....for the UK.

2 boxsets will be released in the next few months in the UK (both for 9.99 pounds).

On May 19th, 2008 will be the release of the 2 DVD set, Sub-Zero Ice Punch! This set will cover episodes 9 thru 20, finishing off the Devimon arc and going thru the Etemon arc.

Also on May 19th, 2008 (a few places list this as coming out on June 30th, listing it second since it MAY be coming out later) comes a 3 disk boxset, Digimon: Triple Box Set (some information lists this as being called the 'Digimon Collection', instead of the Triple Box Set). This set will be the first 14 episodes of the series on 3 disks.

These doing well means we might get more and at the very least we can import for those who want dub DVDs, and may even convince Disney to release something in the USA.

Good news either way though.

-- godofchaos

Source: (Vande)

Tags: Exclusive News, Digimon, Adventure, DVD, UK

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