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September 06, 2007
More Episode Titles and Schedule Information

Ok, here we go...wooooo

The first week will have 2 new episodes, after that it's one a week.

We knew what the first episode title was, but here are the first 6 (including 1 again for people who may have missed it

Episode 1- There Are Monsters Among Us
Episode 2- Marcus' Inner Strength
Episode 3- The Return of Thomas!
Episode 4- The New Team of Marcus and Thomas!
Episode 5- Digital World, Here We Come!
Episode 6- The Ultimate Team No More?

and airdates just so people know

Episode 1- October 1st
Episode 2- October 5th
Episode 3- October 8th
Episode 4- October 15th
Episode 5- October 22nd
Episode 6- October 29th

-- godofchaos

Tags: Exclusive News, Digimon, Savers, Announcement, Data Squad

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