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July 29, 2007
Digimon's 10th Anniversary is not August 1st

I've had a few people ask me what WtW was going to do for Digimon's 10th Anniversary on August 1st (apparently a few sites have posted that as the anniversary).

August 1st isn't the anniversary, it is when the 10th anniversary CD comes out.

It was June 26th as far as I'm aware(I could be wrong mind you. I'm sure our resident LCD experts will poop in to let us know one way or the other), that being the day the first Digimon V-Pet/Product was released.

...although I'm sure we can pull something out of our hats for August 14th for another anniversary...

(Although I will note, August 1st was the day Tai(chi) and the others first went to the Digital World, circa 1999, in the show)

-- godofchaos

Tags: Editorial, Digimon

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