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July 23, 2007
Celebi being Celebi, claiming we stole stuff

Just thought I'd post this to be clear on the matter.

Over at Celebi's site he claimed that WtW News stole news from DVR and didn't credit them.

It regards the tracklisting for the 10th Anniversary CD

Our Article about the CD

I went to DVR to see if they had the tracklisting, which they do, but the coverart isn't posted. So apparently we stole the tracklisting, then tracked down coverart that no one else has.

I don't normally go to DVR (I just went to go see if they actually had it). I got the tracklisting from index music's (the distributor of Digimon CDs) own listings, which is why I didn't credit anything, because it's from the listing of the distributor.

According to Celebi the person who posted the info got it from Neowing. Neowing doesn't have the coverart to the cd, and as far as I know no one else does yet either.

And talk of dishonesty coming from Celebi is hypocritical at the least. He randomly posts news from WtW claiming it's exclusive days after WtW has it.

My personal favorite is his article titled 'Digimon World Data Squad Screenshots'. He posts screenshots from DWDS in english weeks after WtW has them. In fact, he doesn't even POST the shots, he links to someone else's site who has them, THEN he claims it's exclusive.

Practice what you preach Celebi

-- godofchaos

Tags: Editorial, Digimon

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