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September 03, 2007
Stealing is bad....mkay?

To anyone who stole and/or is stealing from WtW News. We check, if we catch you red handed, we will make sure everyone knows you stole from us. I'm tired of this nonsense, and so are others in WtW's Staff. If you discovered news through WtW, it would be nice if you credit us. Just because you don't like us, doesn't mean you shouldn't do the decent thing and give credit where it's due. Because it isn't a problem crediting other sites, but it's a problem crediting us apparently. We've caught one person red handed, and if he stops it'll end there. If not, then you'll see me posting again. Its also ridiculous to steal our news, when we also offer RSS and would customize it to add to any sites own news. We don't own Digimon news that's a fact, but when we're working diligently gathering and finding news, and people go the cheap way, we feel cheated.

-- Sakuyamon X

Tags: Editorial, Digimon, Announcement

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