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June 30, 2007
Digimon of the Month - Dukemon (Dub: Gallantmon)

Dukemon (Dub: Gallantmon), Ultimate Level Digimon that first appeared in the D-Arc ver.1, one of the Digivice v-pets. While LCD sprites are simplistic, one could tell that this Digimon would be a departure from the typical Dragon Man Ultimate forms of the lead lizard Digimon. His first appearance in the Anime, was Digimon Tamers Episode 35, born from Matrix Evolution (Dub: Biomerge Digivolution), a novel idea where a Digimon evolves into Ultimate through fusion with his partner. Dukemon was the second Royal Knight to appear in the franchise (the first being Omegamon), and he almost always carries an important role in each of his appearances in the Anime.

Dukemon is commonly known as the Ultimate form of Guilmon (usually evolving from his perfect form War Growlmon). He is a departure from previous lead lizard Digimon Ultimate Forms, as he is less draconian, and more humanoid and knightly. Also he is a Virus kind and not Vaccine like War Greymon, or Imperialdramon. His design seems to be based off of Omegamon, who also has a knight-like appearance and a similar cape. Dukemon's name comes from duke, which in English is a nobleman of high rank, which might refer to Dukemon being a part of the Highest Grade of Network Security, the Royal Knights. In the dub he is known as, Gallantmon, which comes from the English word gallant (this could refer to his Knight-like appearance). Dukemon's weapons are his holy lance Gram and his holy shield Aegis. Gram which is on his right arm is named after a sword in Norse mythology which Sigurd used to slay the dragon Fafnir, while Aegis (on his left arm) is named after the mythological shield that Zeus uses. He also rides ZERO ARMS: Grani (the evolved Project Ark), which is named after Sigrud's eight-legged steed in Norse Mythology. He is a part of the Royal Knights, who are in charge of protecting the Digital World. Although there are some parallelisms between Sigurd and Dukemon (mainly weapon-wise), Dukemon does not seem to have any real mythological counterpart. However his group, the Royal Knights seem to be based on the Knights of the Round Table from Arthurian legend. By the way, because he is a Royal Knight, he is a Holy Knight type. His attack, Final Elysian is derived from Elysian fields which in Greek mythology was the area in the Underworld where the heroic souls of the dead would go (coincidentally, it's also the attack that uses his Aegis Shield). Ironically, Dukemon is a part of the Virus Busters.

According to his official profile, he was born from Megidramon, the wicked dragon of the "Four Great Dragons". Which would explain his Virus nature, in fact, he is known as the "guardian deity of the Virus Digimon." Because Megidramon is said to carry the Digital Hazard, it seems that Dukemon is connected to it as well. There is also an existence of a Chaos Dukemon (Dark Knight type), a dark recolor of Dukemon, born when Dukemon got in touch with his Virus side. Chaos Dukemon is said to be closest to Megidramon as well, and it is rumored by fans that Chaos Dukemon IS Megidramon. Chaos Dukemon Core is a boss-only character in Digimon Story Sunburst, that evolves from Chaos Dukemon when he merged with the Chrono Core. He resembles an icy apparition of Dukemon. Back to Dukemon, it is said that Dukemon can absorb the Digital Hazard, control it, and become Dukemon Crimson Mode. Dukemon Crimson Mode is an angelic version of Dukemon with a crimson red color scheme. Also, apparently a Dukemon Chaos Mode (Chaos Dukemon's answer to Dukemon Crimson Mode) toy was released by Bandai Asia, however it is not considered official. There are also two X-Evolution based forms of Dukemon, the first is Dukemon X, which was born from Dukemon taking in the X-Antibody. The second is Medieval Dukemon who exists only in the parallel world known as Witchelny (home of Wizarmon), however it is said he can cross worlds through the "Forest Leaf." Medieval Dukemon carries the axe pole, Dynas, which is a departure from Gram. Also in a somewhat related note, Leomon X wears Dukemon's mantle.
After Digimon Tamers, Dukemon has made some kind of appearance in each new Anime series. He had a very small cameo in Digimon Frontier. However, in Digimon X-Evolution the Movie, he had quite an important role as he was the first Royal Knight to question Yggdrail's actions. However in Digimon Savers, Dukemon was extremely loyal towards Yggdrasil (similar to Magnamon or Omegamon in Digimon X-Evolution). Dukemon also had a consistent voice actor for each of his appearance, which is Nozawa Masako, she's most famous for voicing Son Goku in Dragon Ball Z. In the dub Dukemon was voiced by Steve Blum, who is also going to do the voice for Falcomon in Digimon Data Squad (Digimon Savers Dub). Dukemon (or his other variations) has appeared in every game after Digimon Tamers. His most recent appearance in a game, was the recent V-pet series Digimon Twin, where he is raiseable in the Digimon Twin R. He also frequently appears in the Digimon Card Game. In fact, Dukemon ranked 9th (with 421 votes) in an October poll for which Digimon should receive a card, his other variation, Dukemon Crimson Mode ranked 6th place with 560 votes. Being a main male lead's partner Digimon, Dukemon has become a staple in the Digimon Series.

-- Sakuyamon X

Tags: Column, Digimon, Dukemon, Gallantmon, Virus, Royal Knights, Tamers, Savers, X-Evolution, V-Pet, Twin, Savers, Cards

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