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July 30, 2008
The (not) Daily Quote- July 30th, 2008

Deadpool: My name is Wade Wilson, publicly recognized mutant member of the X-Men known as Deadpool, and I am officially bringing the Great Lakes Champions to justice so that they will be forced to sign the Superhuman Registration Act!
Lieutenant: Uhm, they already registered.
Deadpool: They did?
Lieutenant: They were waiting in line the morning the act was announced.
Deadpool: They were?
Mr. Immortal: I tried to tell you.
Deadpool: But you didn't!
Mr. Immortal: Because you cut my head off!
Deadpool: Oh.
Mr. Immortal: And you're not an X-Man.
Deadpool: I am, too!
Mr. Immortal: You're not even a mutant!
Deadpool: Oh, and you have the card set or something?
Mr. Immortal: Uhm... no.... I, uh...
Deadpool: You do have the card set!
Mr. Immortal: Well, uh...not in mylar or nothin'...just for flipping...
Deadpool: I'd like to flip Shadowcat, she's as ripe as-
Squirrel Girl: Shut your evil, evil pie hole!

-- godofchaos

Tags: Column, Quote, Deadpool

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