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April 25, 2008
The (not) Daily Quote- April 25th, 2008

'Mikey calls home'
Mikey's Mom: Hi, you've reached the Simon residence. If your message is for Ms. Simon, press 1.
Mikey's Dad: And if it's for me, Mr. Simon, press 2.
Mikey's Mom: And if you're our only child in Japan and your calling cause you're all alone in a big empty room and you miss the comforting sound of another human voice, stay on the line as we read from a list of words chosen at random from the dictionary.
Mikey's Dad: Vernacular
Mikey's Mom: Flibbertigibbet
Mikey's Dad: Mortgage
Mikey's Mom: Pedal
Mikey's Dad: Disenfranchise
'Mikey hangs up'

-- godofchaos

Tags: Column, Quote

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