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August 25, 2007
Digimon of the Month - Cyber Dramon

During the long span of the Digimon franchise, many fan made Digimon have been turned official through contests. However, only some were fortunate enough to appear in the anime, cards, or games. One of the most popular and oldest contest winning Digimon is Cyber Dramon, who won the gold prize in the first Digimon Web Pixel Contest. Popular due to his vicious and untamed image, his popularity became cemented with his role alongside the legendary tamer Ryo in Digimon Tamers.

Cyber Dramon is a cyborg type perfect level Digimon with a vaccine attribute and is covered in a special rubber armor, which not only has defensive capability, but can also amplify its offensive power. Its task is to delete any virus attribute Digimon that invade the network and it gets the job done with powerful attacks like, Erase Claw, where it sends out super vibrating waves from its claws; deleting not only the enemy but the space around it as well. Though being a proud and aloof fighter it does not usually affiliate with the Virus Busters group, however a Virus Busters Cyber Dramon has been confirmed.

Cyber Dramon's first official appearance was in a card in the Digimon Card Game Booster ver.4 (BO-189), as a Jogress Digimon. Cyber Dramon also appeared in the Digimon Pendulum Metal Empire ver. 5.5, also as a Jogress Digimon. It would not be untill Digimon Tamers and Digimon Tamers Brave Tamer for the Wonderswan, that Cyber Dramon would have a recognized evolution line. Mono Dramon is Cyber Dramon's most recognized child form, while its similarities to Cyber Dramon are vague, its adult form Strike Dramon much more closely resembles Cyber Dramon, including its virus hunting tendencies. Cyber Dramon also gained an "official ultimate form" known as Justimon; a Digimon speculated to be inspired by Kamen Rider and other Japanese live-action heroes. Cyber Dramon also has its own unique baby I & II forms, Ketomon and Hopmon.

Cyber Dramon's first and only appearance in the anime was in the Digimon Tamers (voiced by Ikkei Seta), alongside his tamer Ryo. Cyber Dramon was depicted as untamed and always searching for an opponent, with Ryo having to whip him in order to gain control. According to Chiaki J. Konaka's site on Digimon Tamers, Cyber Dramon was chosen due to his popularity. He also stated that Cyber Dramon's obsession with fighting was actually suggested by the Wonder Swan games development team. Many believe that the Cyber Dramon in Digimon Tamers evolved from the Mono Dramon in Brave Tramer. It is also believed that Cyber Dramon's wild personality is due to Mono Dramon Jogressing with Millenniumon in the end of Brave Tamer. However there are several discrepancies between the game and the anime, and thus these theories have been questioned. Cyber Dramon from Digimon Tamers also has its own Character Song, as well as a duet with Ryo. This triple threat Digimon has proven that not all contest winning fan made Digimon fall into obscurity, and with a new original Digimon contest coming up in September, who knows what the fate of the winning Digimon will be?

-- Sakuyamon X

Tags: Column, Digimon, cyberdramon, dramon, Tamers, Cards

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