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February 22, 2010
Digimon MMO Release Date In the USA

According to the trailer on the official site, we have a release date for the Digimon MMO.

Digimon Battle will be released in March

-- godofchaos

Tags: News, Digimon, Digimon Tamers, Digimon Battle, Game, Video game, MMO

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November 19, 2009
Digimon Story: Lost Evolution

A Japanese blog is currently reporting that there is a new Digimon Story game, for the DS, in the works. It's current name is "Digimon Story: Lost Evolution" subject to change, with a release date of 2010.

More news will be posted as it becomes available.

Hmm a new Digimon game out of the blue.....speculate away.

-- Vande

Tags: News, Digimon, Video Game,

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July 14, 2008
Sony just got F'ed in the A

Sony really just got nutkicked.

Final Fantasy 13 on the Xbox 360


-- godofchaos

Tags: News, Video Games, Final Fantasy, Xbox 360

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May 24, 2008
Digimon World Championship- Preview

Namco/Bandai put up a small (very small), behind the scenes of Digimon World Championship up.

Also a few screenshots and the boxart, check the source for the preview.

-- godofchaos

Source: Digimon World Championship - Sneak Preview (Kaeri)

Tags: News, Digimon, Digimon World Championship, Video Game, DS

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October 17, 2007
Street Fighter IV Announced

Well, it's been over 10 years since Street Fighter III was released, and despite persisting rumors, there was no inkling of Street Fighter IV... until now. And speaking of "ink", check out the new debut trailer, featuring Ken and Ryu facing off in a Japanese ink painting style, reminiscient of Ōkami.


-- Suzaku

Source: Street Fighter IV (Official STREET FIGHTER WORLD Website)

Tags: News, Capcom, Video Game, Street Fighter IV

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October 16, 2007
New Digimon DS Game!

The new Digimon game was revealed in Shounen Jump Weekly!

The Digital World's strongest tournament!
"Digimon Championship" begins!
Release Date: 2008

You search for Digimon running around the Digital World and capture them using the stylus, and you can use devices like traps or tranquillizers to help capture Digimon. You then train and battle your Digimon, aiming to be the strongest!

It's a different game compared to the Digimon Story franchise, however it seems to use the same graphics.

Tags: News, Digimon Championship, Digimon, Video Game, Nintendo, DS

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September 17, 2007
One Piece: Unlimited Adventure for the Wii

Don't believe this has been officially announced anywhere yet.

One Piece Unlimited Adventure for the Wii coming out in the USA from Namco/Bandai.

A screencap (that's how I got it, doesn't look like it was screencapped right

And a few bits of character art, if people want more I got plenty more to put up.

Looks neat so far.

......and oh yeah, as far as I know it uses the Funimation cast also.

edit- They just put up a press release announcing it One Piece: Unlimited Adventure Press Release


Tags: News, Wii, Video Game, One Piece

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Digimon Games Coming Out Tomorrow- Info and Reminder

Go to the forum article

-- godofchaos

Source: Digimon Games Coming Out Tomorrow- Info and Reminder (WtW)

Tags: News, Digimon, Savers, Announcement, Data Squad, Video Game, Dawn, Dusk, DS, PS2

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